Welcome to Pocket Knife Living where folks still believe in code of the west and live in places like Wyoming or Montana because they love it here.   My wife and I tend to categorize folks in groups like horse people and city people, pickup truck people and urban SUV’ers and so forth. Pocket knife people might be ranchers, bankers, teachers or bartenders, but they all share a love of the outdoors. They are more likely to carry a pocket knife, because it is a very useful tool, not as a fashion or political statement. The key point is that these people tend to have similar values towards the earth, other people and our country.  So, we decided to talk about these folks, the places in the west, the gear we have (or want) and probably more things we haven’t thought of yet.  I plant to provide some links to products we talk about and possibly add some advertisers.  No surprises.

To set the record straight, we have horses and love the west, but I am not really a cowboy. I’d much rather wear a baseball hat, Carhartt pants and vest, hiking shoes and a sweatshirt (while driving my pickup or ATV) My wife loves the horses, and I ride, but mostly to prove I love her. (There’s just something about getting on a 1200 lb animal with a brain capacity of a bird)   I am a knife guy, (I worked for Gerber Legendary Blades for almost 14 years) and loved knives well before I joined up with Gerber.  We are also starting our own knife company this year.  Fremont Knives is located in Lander and the products will be USA made. Check us out at www.fremontknives.com.  I am not particularly politically correct but will keep this channel clean and practice the count to 10 rule before I speak up too much.  I promise not to rant, but I might call a little BS when I see it.

Pocket Knife Living will include stories about people, places and also short blurbs we find humorous regarding where we live, how we think and what silly things we see around us.  Thanks for dropping in and we hope you stay and share some of your own stories and what pocket knife living means to you.

Best regards,
Michael Jones
Lander, Wyoming