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Mike January 9, 2013 1

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This is a shameless promotion of our new knife brand, Fremont Knives We are pretty proud of the knives we are producing and look forward to making product here in the US of A. We set out to serve folks like us and our friends here in the west,  who work and play in the out of doors.  Our first knife out in the spring of 2013 will be a 3” folder designed by Mike Draper, a custom knife maker from Riverton Wyoming.  Mike is the real western deal and has been making custom knives for folks for over 10 years.  Whether you fish, hunt, hike or just need a solid knife at your side, these knives are for you.


The folder has a 3” blade, G-10 handles with a bolster. It has a great clip with a tip up carry for your pocket.  The blade is a USA steel called 154CM.  This stainless variety has over 13 points of chromium for additional hardening and a full point of Carbon.  This is the highest content of carbon made in a stainless steel.  There are harder knife steels, but we find they are bit difficult to sharpen in the field.  This is a great blend of corrosion resistance and toughness which will keep the edge sharp longer.


The second knife out this year will be the Draper Fixed Hunter which will look similar to the Draper folder, but sport a 3.5” blade and come with a Kydex sheath.  This is a great material for a sheath because it will not ever be pierced by the knife when inserting the blade into the sheath.  The blade style is still that great utility blade for everyday use but also a good solid hunting and skinning knife.  We played with the idea of making the blade longer, but we find that when working with a knife the 3.5 inch is the largest we want to go when skinning and working up a deer, elk or antelope.


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  1. David January 11, 2013 at 7:00 am - Reply

    Congratulations Michael. Good show! Love the rugged, manly yet simple look of the folder and I love 154CM steel. Really top notch. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Keep up the good work bro… and keep moving forward.

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