DU HA Storage Containers

Mike February 9, 2013 0

I don’t know about you, but I am not the most organized guy around. My 4 door pickup usually has jumper cables, tools, and all sorts of gear on the in the back seat or on the floor.  Recently, I started asking friends for a solution. The best one I have found is The DU-HA storage system.   I guess if you have the best product, then it doesn’t matter if your name is weird.  There are some explanations of what it means on the website, but I had trouble remembering DU HA, let alone what it stands for.

Box 1

Anyway, after talking to friends to see what they had, the one I found most common was the DU HA.  This company has a model for many major truck brands and have really thought through the solution.  The unit has two slots for firearms, and has straps to tie it to the seat frame. Even with the dividers in, there is plenty of room for larger items like tool sets, safety kits etc.  I’ve seen other units that bolt to the floor, but forget that.  Seems like the most common price I have found with the DU HA is around $170 – $180.  This seems a little steep to me, but it does look like it will outlast your truck just fine. This is a really solid polyethylene container with a life time warranty.  This makes total sense to store your stuff out of sight and organized.  This is definitely on the birthday or Christmas list.

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